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Re: Ethics Behind Locking Threads

“Try being a mature adult”, this must be your first time using the inter webs. If ur gonna try and preach to everyone to be mature adults then you best never come on the internet again lol. There’s no problems questioning their work as moderators, and I personally just don’t want them being so trig...

Re: Ethics Behind Locking Threads

Welcome to the job of a forum moderator... you guys have it easy when compared to other games’ forum mods. I remember seeing a video of what WoW forum mods had to go through and wow... just wow... People just want the mods to do better at their jobs. Look at Voldemort’s mod work as a guide on how t...

Re: Thank you

Novex wrote:This may amount to a newbie question, but nevertheless while in the global tavern can players from other servers trade items to other server players??

no, just to hangout and chat

Re: Online bullying how is the best way to deal with it.?

You want to know how to fix it? curse them with the most vile words you know, because they cant tell you what to do, hoped that helped I’m sorry, but from past experiences returning harmful words with more harmful words has never helped. If anything it makes things worse. Then that's your problem. ...

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