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Re: Hello!

JD4Jedd wrote:
JD4Jedd wrote:

Moon - 500g-1k
Sun - 1k-2k
Oaks - 2k-3k
Elms - 5k ish
Crown - 4k i think.
Drags - 10k-15k

Hope that helps you!

Thanks! :)


Hello Lugh :) I just world transfered from Belenus and would like to ask a few questions to get started, like: What are good clans? What are disc prices? Who not to trust? Who is the 'guy' for things? (i.e. selling and buying) Thanks too all who answer! :) [on a minor note: buying anc warbow :)] [se...

Re: Leveling build.

I'm speaking briefly here (stats) Strength-50 points (and axe) should give you a good damage Dex-30ish Focus-0 try and get energy regen if you don't have it already Vit-I personally have 400 vit and 3k health, this allows me to hold out for quite sometime. Make sure you train with one person at a t...

Re: Is this an ok build for now?

stats are good but maybe get some more energy regen and a haste ring!!! for skills use ss, qs, life steal, riposte maxed and rest in reflex. also use your frozen dagger till 160 and get an anc wyrm then. if you are in a top clan you can try to get an aggy brace. I see what your saying about energy ...

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