Celtic Heroes Lancers Of Lir Update Released!




Lancers of Lir Update: The Battle Mounts have arrived in Farcrag Castle!

• Ride into battle and master the new Battle mount ability!
• Roam free across a redesigned Lir’s Reach.
• New Fishing areas available in Shalemont Ravine and Stonevale.
• Two new sets of epic fashion, Faewynd and Wintermyst.
• Additional high level bounties available from the Bounty Board.
• New Charm Vendor.
• New Boar and Spider pets to battle alongside and train.
• UI improvements.


Player Feedback Changes

- Bounty Board Changes
All bounties now guarantee a drop of a bounty token, helping heroes towards their Pet / Battle Mount of choice.

- Fishing Balancing Changes
New increased rates at which mount and pet tokens are gained from sunken chests.
New increased drop rates of bear quest items from fishing.

- Boss Spawn Rate Increase
Boss spawn rates have now been increased (and windows decreased proportionately)
This means a 25% decrease to spawn time for Hrungnir, Mordris and Necro, 33% for Aggy.

- Boss Drop Rate Increase
Improved drop rates for higher tier loot items on Mordris, Necro, Hrungnir and Aggragoth!

- Boss Drop Removal
Removed Bandage Wounds Bracelets from Mordris loot table.


Patch Notes: http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=88281

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