Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire Release Date Announced

Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire to be unleashed May 6th 2013!

Hello, Luthias your Community Manager here and we have some very exciting news for you regarding our latest expansion.

First of all, we’re delighted to announce that our fourth expansion for Celtic Heroes will be titled Dragonfire. Featuring three brand new zones which will double the size of the game world, Dragonfire will see you delving deep beneath Dal Riata to face terrifying new foes and experience exciting new adventures.

Alongside these new areas, Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire also includes:
+ Enhanced HD Graphics
+ Thousands more quests, weapons, armour and fashion items
+ Level up to 200
+ New in-game mail system
+ Challenging new daily quests
+ PvP Combat Leaderboards
+ And much, much more!


We’re also thrilled to reveal that the expansion will be launching on Monday May 6th 2013!

Please note: In advance of the launch there will be some significant server downtime on Monday when the game will not be available for several hours whilst the Celtic Heroes’ Worlds are updated with the 3 new zones and content. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause – however we can promise you that it will be worth the wait.

So prepare to face the wrath of the Dragonfire on May 6th – Dal Riata needs you!

You can discuss Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire in our forum by clicking here.

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68 comments on “Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire Release Date Announced
  1. Doms says:

    THIS IS JUST TOO COOL!!! About time :)

  2. jorge loor says:

    awesome ,now wait

  3. thedude223 says:

    i am so happy i could almost cry thank you celtic heroes staff its about time oh yeah will the be free plat cause i could really use 2000 plat but i know that wont happen

  4. cooljay58 says:

    Im sexy and i know it!

  5. Boendil says:

    That will be awsome!!

  6. PurpleKnight says:

    Will I be able to play this game on a i pod that runs ios 4.2.1?

  7. Remmy Natalie says:

    Yay Great work Beta testers im thrilled to know its gonna be released soon

  8. Bray says:

    I can’t wait this will be awesome and do u think pets or mounts will ever be available in a update or are u not thinking about doing them

  9. Rouge1235 says:

    I bet it wont be may 6

  10. Savage says:

    Great new graphics and I cant wait to see the new costume items!

  11. Savage says:

    Hope to see Danu’s dominant clan Prime become more invincible, and I hope to join it very soon!

  12. Royalninja says:

    80 more lvls to get ?!
    Im hoping the xp bar will fill up a little faster now ,haha xD
    I seriously can’t wait!

  13. Thedude223 says:

    Stop being such a douter rouge

  14. jorgeloor says:

    ayer lei esto ahora no puedo esperar me entere de esto hace 2 meses y ya falta poco felicitaciones a celtic heroes

  15. Opticalslash says:

    Great news and im excited. I have some hopes for this update!! Free plat and a thing were u can enter a world with a team and fight mobs agenst other teams to see who gets most kills and which team lasts longer!! Kinda like black ops ll zombies

  16. Opticalslash says:

    Haha gl rosmerta scammers cause ur gonna hav a difficult time gettin things. OTM TO MAKE THIS GAME 95% SCAM PROOF MAKE IT WERE U HAV TO AGREE TO UR REGISTERED EMAIL BEING CHANGED!! U can decline the change to keep people out. Or u hav to type in email for ur username

  17. Thomas says:

    It’s about time they released it.

    It’s going to be so cool playing in
    the new maps against new enemies.

  18. Thomas says:

    I can’t wait for HD graphics

  19. Dragonsf says:

    Wow! Thanks Celtic Heroes
    Are you working on Pets and Mounts after the Expansion 4?
    And can you make the mounts dragons or horses or griffins
    and you can get them as reward from quests?
    Its really hard to run from Courtyard to Arena for daily and all i get is 12k exp

    Note:This is just a question not a suggestion(except for the 3rd sentence)


    -Dragonsf level 83
    -World Lugh

  20. Lucas says:

    i love this im just waiting for monday yeah!!

  21. Celticshero says:

    About time! Hope there’s gonna be a few bosses we can solo for good drops, and hope theirs gonna be new mounts.

  22. Ahmed88 says:

    will there be celtic heroes on android

  23. ike10 says:

    sweet can’t wait

  24. Opticalslash says:

    Well i havnt seen other worlds but im pretty sure rosmerta is gonna go hardcore as always on the new bosses. I love the server cause of all the great people and the hardcore people that love intense boss fights. Pets would be a good idea like u get a wolf and it lvls with u and it helps u fight things. It would be funny and cool. Are there gonna be new vid competition cause i hav the perfect idea

  25. darthvoid says:

    im so exited i really hope it gets a little easier for higher levels to level up

  26. Atown says:

    How long is it going to take to be finished
    World Arawn

  27. ike10 says:

    oh ya world mabon

  28. ike10 says:

    lvl 111

  29. Henry100th says:

    WOW can’t wait guys! I hope its as good as they been sayin!


  30. Polimabe says:

    This will be AWESOME. All the new things… It ll be a great update!

  31. Panamajags says:

    I have a question, will the expansion 4 have new temporal skins?? Like the summer event they did a yellow skin.

    Im panamajags from the world

  32. Braden Jones says:

    I was thinking after Dragonfire, could you guys make a seperate app or app add-on/different mode that you could play with no wifi (great for travel) that lets you earn gold for your character ( such as plant farming, hunting or carnival games ) and when you want to upload your stats/items earned/xp/gold that you earned all you do is connect to a wifi server? This would be GREAT for times when your wifi is down or long car trips. We would all appreciate it. Thanks!

  33. Froster says:

    my lvl 141 account got “hacked” i lost 3 heroic amulets and much more lux shop from ow and castle :( and support doesnt reply :(

  34. Alyx says:

    can’t wait until tomorrow! One day more!

  35. Skittles says:

    This is gonna be awesome

  36. So exited when will the update come AEST (Australian easten standed time) player: Truewarrio. Level: 73. World: can’t remember Clan: clanimals.

  37. Skittles says:

    The update has now officially been released lol

  38. Skittles says:

    Lol i just checked now

  39. The Nothing Seeing One says:

    This New update looks incredibly awesome!

    I hope the armour daily quests are still there because my mage
    still needs breeches and breastplate

  40. Marky mark says:

    I Try to log on and play the new update. Everytime i get to log in than it is loading than crashes

  41. George says:

    Crashes straight away when i try to connect

  42. UMADBROOO says:

    Please fix the crash when you start conecting

  43. Ion/Druid/65 says:

    OMGGEE I can’t wait to my update to load!! Almost there!!! Dal Riata here I come! My main is Ion65. Meet me in Farcrag Castle in world Epona!

  44. Ion65 says:

    Meet me in world Epona and group me and we’ll train. I’m so excited for the new update!!

  45. Dylan says:

    I can’t log in and it gives me some instruction like turn of your. device and try again do i did that and when i get back i cant still log in

  46. strongjrman says:

    i love this game and i love u guys but im tired of people saying that im wrong im a gay boy and thats how i like it so u celtic heroes players dont u ever? me again espically u tezzemage

  47. gmcmacman says:

    dont worry strong jr man i am gay as well i lick my u know what and but :)

  48. Elizabeth181 says:

    K guys. Site says you have it fixed but still can’t get on. What’s the deal?

  49. vincerene7 says:

    I love the new update its so cool if u ever wanna level with me ill be in the world danu name vincerene7 level 63 clan final boss see ya

  50. vincerene7 says:

    im not vincerean6 that’s my friend

  51. vincerene7 says:

    where does the new dragon spawn?

  52. vincerene7 says:

    I feel sorry for yo guys mine worked straight away and I wish it would work for tablet

  53. Big boss man says:

    This is bs I still can’t log in I’m starting to get pissed

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