Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire has been unleashed!

The latest expansion for Celtic Heroes is available from the App Store today!

With the emergence of long-forgotten foes such as the Boggan and the Firbolg, and three dangerous new areas to explore, the need for heroes has never been greater. Gather your clan and protect the land from those who seek to destroy it.


Will you venture deep underground into Fingal’s Cave or the Carrowmore Tunnels? Perhaps you’ll seek out one of the new daily quests or try on some of the latest Pirate fashion and discover a fresh look for your character.

Download the update from the App Store today and discover what excitement Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire has to offer!

Please note there will be a few days of disruption whilst we upgrade the servers with the new content.

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21 comments on “Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire has been unleashed!
  1. Deadworrior says:

    I tried to conect and they it was a problem with wi-fi
    I conected my iphone 3 times but anyways i can’t conect

    • Luthias says:

      There is an issue with our servers which we are working on fixing. Please be aware that for the next few days there will be some disruption to gameplay.

    • KnightGer says:

      Seriously you have not tested app on several devices before the release? It seems to me you only tested on the newer devices, is this correct?

  2. Phantomhouse2 says:

    I can’t get into my account every time i press login or continue the app always closes.i tried deleting the app and re installing it but it won’t work

    • Luthias says:

      We have a few issues with our servers which we are working on. Please be aware that for a few days there will be some disruption to the game.

  3. Phantomhouse2 says:

    I try to log in but it won’t work

  4. James says:

    I tried out the new update and it was completely awesome until it booted me out because my iPhone isn’t fast enough…and it wouldn’t let me log on…I have a 4.2.1 iPhone 3G and because of that it runs really slow…great job on the patch though.

  5. Erida says:

    Crashes after I hit log in

  6. Franklin Vanbuskirk says:

    I updated today and haven’t been able to log in for hours, I get the message to try a different wi do connection, I can’t possibly get a better reception them what I have it’s perfect signal, I’m using my IPhone 4S any help would be appreciated.

  7. Steven (sraym sulis) says:

    Woo hoo waited along time, i just hope to see some new novelty items!

  8. gohan714 says:

    thank you for this asome update you guy haven’t updated in a while

  9. Tarte2 says:

    Any estimated time that we could have regarding the time in which the servers will be ready for all players on all devices? I heard about another update to fix the login problems being sent to the app store soon, any set time in which that will occure?

  10. Kayros15 says:

    please make it easier to obtain money

  11. Shadowbolt12 says:

    I have been looking forward to this update since the middle of summer. I have been playing for 1 1/2 years now. I updated the game but it won’t let me log in. It says they will be launching an app fix in the App Store, does anyone know when that will be released?

  12. Surge says:

    HOW MUCH LONGER!!! I want in….

  13. chan says:

    This game is very great,, but the problem is the server error, i always disconnected every 10 minutes of gameplay.. Hope this will fix soon..

  14. darkshadow4 says:

    If anyone is selling lesser earthstone gloves i will gladly buy them from u since there is now better armor for people to get but i am too low lvl to get it.

  15. Jordan says:

    I bought the 49.99$ platinum it’s not working and I have no money now

  16. nathan says:

    hey i got an idea for the game i think they should make a computer version so people on the computer and personally i love this game and i’m addicted

  17. nathan says:

    but this game is awesome and i’m curious what lvl does this game go up to
    this one guy in the northern peninsula its like something war something its around ware havgar is and he’s way over power i died twice killing him and the only way i got to kill him was with this sword i got and that thing is way over power even thou my highest lvl is lv38 i made a new character hes a warrior and im staying with this character cause warriors are very strong when they hit bout lvl19 20 and on

  18. Paulo eduardo Nogueiro says:

    Freedom is state of mind

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