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Horsemen of Oblivion – Samhain iOS/Android Open Beta

Heroes! It is almost the time when the boundaries between the world of men and the fetid lands of the undead weaken. What evil beings will Donn send to hunt the living? To feed upon their souls, steal away their hope and

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Mega Energy Sigil Bundle!

Visit the Special Offers page to get a mega collection of 50 Energy Sigils for 350 Platinum (a 30% saving!) for a limited time only! Note: Once purchased they will go directly onto your logged-in character Available only until Monday!

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Competition! Be a Boss and tell your tale!

  Greetings Heroes We’ve heard stories of your journey as Celtic Heroes, but what of those foes that you have vanquished? We would like to see your creativity in telling a tale from a boss perspective, be a boss and

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Beltane Bonanza Begins!

Greetings Heroes! Login daily for the rest of the week, including Saturday and Sunday to claim your free daily reward from the Special offers page. Some days you will receive a Present, and on others a Gift. Visit the Special

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4th-7th September Mini Event Weekend

Heroes! Gather your friends to embrace the festivities of Beltane in an extra special weekend! 1. Increased Summer Boss Spawn Rate! Summer weekend mini event! For three days we will be having all summer bosses on a lower spawn timer!

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