Arcane Sanctum expansion and Samhain 2015 update!

Greetings Heroes!

The summer sun has left us and unnaturally dark nights have approached the lands of Dal Riata!


Samhain is the time when the boundaries between the world of men and the fetid lands of the undead weaken.

What evil beings will Donn send to hunt the living? To feed upon their souls, steal away their hope and destroy the symbols of their virtue!

Osan Marach has risen… A new nightmare approaches…. Will you be strong enough to stop him?


Finally you’ve tested your might against the wrath of the Necromancer, you’ve hardened your weapons against the foes lurking in the mighty tower of Gelebron, and your feats through the tower have not gone un-noticed.
A new level and battle approaches…

The doors open to Gelebrons Arcane Sanctum!


Out now on iOS and Android

New Features:

- NEW: Skill Particle Effects
- NEW: Redesigned Stonevale
- NEW: Game Interface Updates: Sigil Count, World Clock, Option to turn off player select.
Samhain 2015 – Event Details:

- Gelebrons Arcane Sanctum! Fight your way through the Forbidden Halls to access the Arcane Sanctum, Gelebron’s Lair!
- Osan Marach and his Horsemen of Oblivion!
- Quest for the Nithsteed Guises of the Riders of Epona from Lochlan Calhoun.
- Quest for the Banshee Blades for Sabrina MacDonald.
- Over 60 Brand New Samhain Bounties to complete.
- Rare offhand weapon drops from the Phantomblade Skeletons.
- Night Rider Mystery Chests featuring new: mounts, wings, companions and fashion!
- Three new Luxury Item Traders

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