2nd Anniversary Double Platinum Sale

Today we launched a double Platinum sale as part of our 2nd Anniversary celebrations. That means you will receive double the amount of Platinum with every purchase you make.

Whether you’ve been eyeing up that set of Super Combination Elixirs or fancy your chances with a MacLir’s Mystery Chest, now is the perfect time to buy some Platinum!

How it works (examples):

  • Buy a Pile of Platinum (which normally contains 60 Platinum) and receive 120 Platinum.
  • Buy a Sack of Platinum (which normally has 330 Platinum) and receive 660 Platinum.

The 2nd Anniversary Double Platinum sale will last until 12.00pm GMT on Monday June 24th.

To check when the sale will end in your time zone, click on the link below:

Remember, the Double Platinum sale will only be available for a short period of time, so make the most of it before it ends!

If you have a question about the Double Platinum sale, please check the FAQ by clicking here.

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